Ameristar Ortimental Steel


Ameristar Fence is the leading manufacturer in the USA for pre-made welded fence panels. Ameristar fencing is our most recommended and installed ornamental fencing panel. It is manufactured in Oklahoma with domestic steel and offers an environmentally responsible product with a 20 year limited warranty. It is virtually a Maintenance-Free Surface. Ameristar provides the finish quality and longevity of an aluminum panel at the cost, strength, and durability of steel. 

Ameristar panels have the ability 'rack' on slopes so it follows the contour of the ground. This make the stair step method look you often see with custom made panels obsolete which provide a much cleaner and more uniform finish.  

There are 3 styles we stock on a regular basis:

Classic - with spear-pointed pickets extended through the top rail.
Genesis - with a picket extended through the top rail that can be plain or with finials for an added touch.
Majestic - flat top, with the picket that doesn’t extend through the top rail.


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