Squeeze Chute - Model S04


Priefert Squeeze Chute SO4

Priefert’s new SO4 Squeeze Chute is simply a result of customer demand. Bigger, Better, Longer and Taller, the new Priefert Chute is the answer to cattle raisers who asked for Priefert quality, safety, and features with modifications that make work easier. This is simply the best squeeze chute we have ever made. We feel confident it is by far the best manual chute on the market.

Most dramatically, we eliminated the foot levers for both side squeeze and side exit controls. Both of these functions are now controlled with overhead levers and are engineered for maximum leverage. A new contoured side squeeze frame offers maximum neck access which is a hot topic for today’s cattleman. The floor width adjustment is not only innovative, it may be the only manual chute floor adjustment which does not require bending and/or getting your hands in the “muck”. The simple pull of a lever allows the side squeeze to swing freely while the operator simply allows it to drop in the hole of the desired width. Another unique feature is the tailgate. Like it’s predecessor, this chute has dual controls for a split tailgate. With the SO4, a simple pull-of-a-pin allows the operator to have an option to use one-half the shielding to block enticing openings that are created when the floor is adjusted narrow for calves; unique and very functional. Add unobstructed entrance and exit and Priefert has answered virtually every request for a new and improved squeeze chute. Standard features on the SO4 include: Model 91 Auto/Manual Headgate; front or Side Exit; Full-body squeeze with gravity-latch contoured drop bars and removable lower panels; Lifetime Guarantee on infinite locks for both headgate and side squeeze. The Model SO4 has an optional, bolt-on axel and Wishbone Carriage if portability is needed.

  • 4 inches taller
  • 3 inches longer
  • Maximum neck access
  • “Floating Floor” width adjustment
  • Overhead squeeze lever for maximum leverage
  • Easy release/return side exit
  • Split tailgate with dual controls
  • One side tailgate opening option
  • No obstruction at entrance or exit
  • 5 drop gates on each side
  • Optional wishbone carriage
  • Model 91 manual & automatic headgate
  • Full body squeeze with contoured sides
  • Removable bottom access panel on both sides
  • Infinite locks with lifetime guarantee
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